The Best Dungeons & Dragons Advice for New Players

Hey, #StatRollers! Last week I posted a piece entitled “What do I need to get started with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition?” It was intended to be a beginner’s guide to what a brand new player would need to have or purchase to get started in the Dungeons & Dragons hobby.

I got a message from someone (and you know who you are) that a specific portion of that video was the greatest piece of advice for new Dungeons and Dragons players across all editions. Of course, I was flattered, but it also got me thinking. What is the greatest advice for new D&D players?

I edited down that video and embedded it above so that you can see exactly the advice they were referring to. I do think it’s a good piece of advice but it’s hardly the best advice for new players. So, I’m asking you. Tell me in the comments below, what is the best Dungeons and Dragons advice that you give to any new player that sits down at your table?

Hit me up in the comments below and let me know what your best Dungeons & Dragons advice for new players is!

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Thanks for reading, and until next time, may the dice roll ever in your favor!

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