The Winner of the First RollStats YouTube Subscriber D&D Giveaway is?

Hey, #StatRollers! Watch the video below to find out who the winner of the RollStats 100 subscriber Dungeons and Dragons book giveaway is!

Thanks to all who participated, I appreciate you all more than you’ll ever know! I’m looking forward to another hundred subscribers, or another thousand subscribers, or another ten thousand subscribers! The more people that we can get playing Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, talking about Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition and just enjoying each other’s company at the table the happier I am!

As always, if you found this post valuable please like, comment, and follow! It would really help me out, and you’ll get new posts every Tuesday and Thursday featuring Dungeons & Dragons RPG discussion and theory, along with reviews of Dungeons & Dragons RPG Products and Accessories, both new and old.

Thanks for reading, and until next time, may the dice roll ever in your favor!

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