Easy Roller Metal Dice Unboxing and Review

I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely love receiving packages in the mail! And nerdy Dungeons & Dragons deliveries are my absolute favorite deliveries! It’s sort of like Christmas. Anyway, I ordered some dice and other assorted accessories from Easy Roller Dice about three days ago and it came much quicker than I thought it would. Kudos to you Easy Roller Dice for the fast delivery! So, I thought I would open up my latest package from Easy Roller Dice with you guys so you can share my nerdy D&D excitement!

Quick note: This is not a paid endorsement, this isn’t a commercial, this isn’t a paid placement for Easy Roller Dice. I spent my hard-earned money just like you would get this stuff from Easy Roller Dice so this is going to be an unbiased review of the stuff that I ordered.

First, it was packaged very nicely! I was impressed with not only the quick shipping time but it was packed very well. Truth be told, I ordered some metal dice, so I can’t imagine there would ever actually be any damage but it’s nice to see that Easy Roller Dice took the time and effort to pack it with care. Not only was it packed nicely on the outside, inside the box they actually included this really nice note that says thank you for the order, which was a really nice touch! I was not expecting that, and I think that’s actually kind of cool! Kudos to you again Easy Roller Dice!

First, out of the box, I ordered the gunmetal polyhedral dice series with yellow numbering, it’s a standard 7 piece set and they came in a really nice display case:

Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice Series: Yellow Numbering - 7 Piece Set With Display Case

I like the high contrast yellow numbering on the gunmetal finish. I’m getting old and I need a high contrast set of dice so that I can see it quickly and accurately anywhere on the table.

I also ordered an additional 3 pack of six-sided dice in the same finish and yellow coloring. The additional six-sided dice come in handy when you’re rolling up characters because you want the 4d6 for ability scores.

D6 Gun Metal Polyhedral Dice - 3 Pack of Six Sided Dice

And I ordered an additional d20 in the same finish and yellow coloring as well because I think (especially in Dungeons & Dragons 5e) that you need two d20’s for rolling things like advantage and disadvantage, and I wanted the matching set.

Gunmetal Yellow D20 Dice - Single Die

Finally, I ordered a black dice rolling mat with the white skull emblazoned on it. I like the contrast, I think it looks really cool.


And you do need a dice rolling mat, or box when using metal dice. Especially the Easy Roller Dice because they have sharp edges and so when you roll them on your table if you have a wooden finish table there’s a chance that you’re going to damage your table, or your desktop or whatever it is that you’re using, so I do recommend if you’re going to go with the metal dice that you get a rolling pad.

Some people prefer a box for their D&D dice, I actually prefer the mat. I have this weird thing about my dice rolls where I don’t want them to bounce off of anything. Yeah, I know it’s crazy but it’s true. But you know that you have weird things about your dice too! You know if they’re rolling badly you put them in the freezer overnight, or you always leave them to sit with the 20 side up so that you can train them. Everyone has weird dice rituals, and I admit one of mine is I don’t want my dice to bounce off of any obstructions. I own it.

All in all, I was very pleased with this order from start to finish! I really like Easy Roller Dice, this is my second set. I have one at the office that I use for a Dungeons & Dragons game there, and now I picked up a second set for one-shots, or if I decide to play on roll twenty one night. Besides, you can never have enough dice!

If you are looking for an attractive, quality set of metal dice that are affordable Easy Roller Dice is certainly a viable option, and I recommend them without any hesitation at all!

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